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Known as 'The Elixir of Life', medicinal mushrooms have healing compounds for the human body. Ftom Mood, to overall health and specific conditions, at a'alkeme we aim to share these beautiful babes with you with the highest quality products.

  • Real Food...

    is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that help your beautiful body grow, restore and be.

  • Turkey's Tail

    Turkey's tail may improve gut bacteria balance, which can positively impact your immunity.

  • Be your best You

    Learn to listen to your hold greats wisdom. Nourish it with wholefoods, kind words and movement.

Based on 147 reviews
Tasty treats!

These are incredibly yummy! When I run out I will be quick to order more, so delicious and easy to make! They are perfect.

This is the best review! Thank you for your order :)


So easy to make and taste great. I use almond butter instead of peanut butter.

We love this idea! Going to try it ourselves! Thank you for the review x.

Perfect little treat

One of my favourite easy to make treats.

Isn't it the best! Thank you for your lovely review, means the world to us!

You have to try

A healthy version of sweetness curbed the sugar craving well. Soooo good!

Aren't they so good! Healthy but yummy treats and so good for you!


A healthy version of sweetness curbed the sugar craving well.

The perfect every day addition! Thank you for your review x.


It's so cute and the perfect size!! I love it <3

Cute! We love this! Thank you!


I love this with chocolate oat milk, it's very tasty! I love how it doesnt have a bad after taste like a lot of plant based proteins I've tried. Definitely getting again :)

This is the best and so yum you will actually drink it! Thank you for the review!

Banana Bread
Courtney Mayall

You'll be going back for more! I added frozen raspberries and that was just delish!!!!

Such a great idea! Thank you for your review!

Real peanut flavour!

Delicious balls of peanut goodness. Quick to whip up - no more than 5 minutes from tearing the packet open to popping them into the fridge to set. I manage to get 14 balls out of 1 mix which is the perfect size for two bites!

We absolutely love this Melissa, thank you for your great feedback!

Give me all the choc!

Has to be one of the best if not THE BEST treat ball I’ve tasted. With its delicious chunks of chocolate chips it’s a definite winner!
Having a gluten & dairy free Mr 6 babe we take our own food to parties (as a precaution). The babe has asked for a choc chip cookie dough ball instead of the usual cake we take!

THE BESt, oh our hearts! THANK YOU so much for the most amazing review! So GOOD re being prepared and then knowing you and your family will be eating good for you treats!


Delicious brownie and quick to whip up. Had it made, baked and out of the oven all in 30 minutes!

So great! Love quick and easy treats, healthy should be easy!


Loved how they had bigger chunks of dates and nuts in them. Makes them super tasty and was a hit with my mum friends! Super simple to put together perfect when your time poor 💯

LOVE this! Wish we could have called it Snickers, but thats ok, and SO great your family loved them to!

Must try

These are next level delicious! 10/10 I’d highly recommend trying these. They’re super simple and quick to make. they almost didn’t make it to be rolled into a ball 😆

Love! And yes, we hear that quite often, the mix is SO good! Thank you beautiful!

Better than any protein powder we have tried

Unlike other plant proteins that we have tried, the initial taste isn't amazing but it is so much better. The texture is dry instead of gritty and doesn't leave a layer in the mouth. The aftertaste is what makes this special as it is delicious and coco-y, 5/5. Also really yummy with some extra sugar or maple syrup

Hi gorgeous! Thank you so much for your feedback! It took us some time to develop a drinkable protein! You could try layering with the new Calm & Be for the afternoon 3pm - tastes like a Caramel Latte - but all natural!

Choc Chip Cookie Dough
Jenna Kennett

This is such a great alternative to eating chocolate, it was fulfilling and helped with those sweet cravings

Thank you so much for your kind review!

Banana Bread
Camille Collins
Delicious and so easy to make

Tastes amazing and great texture. Very easy to make and is nice toasted too. I’ll definitely be ordering some more. Thank you!

We love this! Thank you beautiful!

Protein Pancakes
Nickee Stephenson
my favourite <3

10/10 pancakes!

The best!

So good and a staple in our pantry now. The whole family loves it.


Easy to make and tasted great.


They were okay. The cookie dough ones were much more to my liking.

Choc chip cookie dough

I was sceptical about trying these as others I’ve tried I haven’t liked. These are delicious and curbed the chocolate cravings during breast feeding, can’t wait to try other flavours!

Morning Kirsty, this is the best news ever! Thanks so much for taking the time to share! We're so happy our treats are helping :)

NEW Salted Caramel
Katie Parsons
Salted caramel

I absolutely loved these, and so did my family/flatmates! Perfect little snack for on the go and to beat the sweet cravings

We love to hear this! Salted Caramel has to be one of our favourites!

NEW Caramel Choc Peanut
Williams family
Family Favourites

Absolutely amazing we definitely will be placing another order :)

This is the best review! Thank you so much for choosing our products :)

Double Choc Delight
Neurressa Reihana
Easy to make and delicious

Easy to make and delicious

Thanks so much for your review, we really appreciate the love!

NEW Caramel Choc Peanut
Neurressa Reihana
Easy to make and delicious

Easy to make and delicious.
Postage great to Australia

Thank you so much for your kind words! We hope your body loves their healthy goodness :)