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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

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The most perfect plant based Banana Bread you may ever make - yes we mayyy be a little biased, we know. 


Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Coconut Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Himalayan Salt.


3 ripe Bananas (350g), 1/3 cup Almond Milk, 2 x eggs, 1/4 cup Coconut Oil, (add a drop or two of Vanilla if you like) + your good vibes. 

VEGAN OPTION to replace egg - 2Tbsp Flaxmeal + water to make ‘flax eggs’.


Make your flax eggs: 2 Tbsp Flaxmeal (or eggs, if not vegan) with 4 Tbsp water - mix well and set aside..

Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees on bake.

Mash bananas thoroughly in a bowl (make sure they are brown - 350g is approx. 3 medium bananas). 

Add in the milk, and warmed coconut oil. 

Pour the dry mix into a seperate bowl.

Add the eggs or flax eggs (make sure the flax eggs have set, this can take approx. 15 minutes) into the wet mix, then mix well. 

FOLD the wet mix GENTLY into the dry mix. Pour into your pre greased tin.

*top with 2 slices of banana for aesthetic purposes. 

Put in the oven and set your timer for 50 minutes (tip: don't open the oven consistently as this will cause the loaf to fall and flatten). Check with a fork in the middle. It may need 60 minutes. 

Cool in the pan for 5 minutes ,then tip onto a cooling rack and wait 30-60 minutes before slicing.

Store in an airtight container as you enjoy over the week. 

Note - add walnuts if you like and use a slice or 2 of banana to top. 

Makes 15, depending on your slice size ;)

- Your body is your temple, your soul's home. 


These products are made with love in a facility that handles peanuts and other tree nuts. Whilst extreme care is taken, date fragments/pitts or natural matter may be present. 

Store in a cool dry place.

Made  in New Zealand with local and imported ingredients. 

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'Tasty treats!These are incredibly yummy! When I run out I will be quick to order more, so delicious and easy to make! They are perfect.'

- AMY -