'alkemē is about making magic. 

It's about finding your soul purpose and journey.

We know how hard that can be - to find your why, to try live up to the expectations society sets for us (you don't need to though, just be you). 

We are living in a time were we can have anything but more time. 

Food isn't always real food. 

So we thought - why not make some mixes that are simple and easy but filled with plant based whole foods (and some extra superfoods) to help you on your journey - your path to health and happiness.

'alkemē - means to make something better. Our treat mixes are nearly ready but they re missing a few ingredients... and YOU. You are the magic. 

All products are designed Gluten free, Dairy free and Refined Sugar free which means they are perfect for any home.

We are all about making moments and finding the magic in the everyday; in making treats for a loved one, in taking a deep belly breathe at 3pm to reset, in saying 'I love you' in the mirror before heading out into the crazy world we live in.

That's us, what we are here for... 'alkemē whole foods;

You are the magic...

...and we just simply help by having the yummiest, good for you mixes ready to go.

'a team x.