Say NO to diets! Just be 1% better today.

Say NO to diets! Just be 1% better today.

Back at it right? How are you feeling beauty?

Tired? Excited? Sluggish? Struggling?

New year, new you? Or just 1% healthier everyday? We believe in small changes not DIETS. ⁠
We've all been there.. I CANT have...⁠
- Sugar⁠
- Carbs⁠
- Wine⁠
- Processed Foods⁠

I am going to eat clean.⁠
While yes this is AMAZING - you are setting yourself up to fail - I'm really sorry to be brutally honest but it's true. ⁠Restrictions create cravings which are a conditioned response. In time they will fade but my goodness they can be tough to get over and lead to that icky circle of dieting and bingeing (I've been there).
So WHAT IF, instead of restricting yourself, why not reframe your mind to 'I choose to replace sugar with real treats today'. I choose to replace *** with ****. ⁠
Statistics show you are SO much more likely to achieve your goals. ⁠
whats one thing you can do 1% better today?⁠

Do just ONE thing today.

If you're trying to:

Wake up at 5am - set your alarm 5 minutes earlier.

Drink more water - drink one extra glass.

Slow down on social media - set yourself an allocated time. 

Eat better - plan your meals. 

Replace your processed treats with healthy sweet snacks. 
The easiest treats are our Choc chip cookie Dough or Snickers Treat mixes. One bag will make 11-20 balls and you can easily freeze them for daily snacking. 

Healthy snack ideas - make the ball mixes up and add in our Ora Protein (read the Protein reviews here)

Take time when you treat yourself and thank YOU for choosing better for you, for the highest, healthiest version of yourself. 

A Whole food Plant Based diet is the right one for you (but lets change that to Wholefood LIFESTYLE as we just don't do the D word anymore!).

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